I am often asked how I begin a copy and I am sometimes tempted to say with a telephone call from an Auction House, Art Dealer or Fine Art Agent.

The art world is built upon discretion and many of my Clients do not wish their business to be revealed to others – which in some ways is a pity, but, more importantly discretion is rewarded by trust. Additionally, with the advent of confidentiality agreements becoming increasingly popular means I can only reveal a fraction of the work I undertake. So often the best pictures have to be kept private.

Since the early 1970’s I have been undertaking copies of paintings in any style, to any size, anywhere in the World. My work is now represented across the five Continents and span an extraordinary range of Schools and centuries. Some pictures are as small as postcards whilst others are twelve feet square imitating artists styles as diverse as Titian and van Gogh.

Applying a coloured ground – the first mark for Bramley’s copy of Reynolds’ Portrait of Omai

Portrait of Omai – one by Reynolds and two by Bramley

Bramley’s copy of a painting by Mosnier at an early stage and later the completed copy in the original’s frame – who would know?