Due to the limitations of photography and the internet the images on this website only give an indication of the true appearance of the works.

Breughel and Bramley together. Both oil on copper.

One painting by Carlevaris c1720 and the other by Bramley 2005 – which is which?

Zoffany – Bramley’s copy needs varnishing.

Manet and Bramley – a clue as to which is which is that the copy is placed in the original’s frame.

The Rt. Hon. W H Smith (bookseller) meets Barrington Bramley

J F Herring and B Bramley – which is the red Herring?

Replicating the holes and creases on a canvas after Orpen

Bramley and Annigoni together. Both oil on canvas, stretched over panel with softwood edging. The copy is behind glass in the original’s frame.