1950 Barrington Bramley was born at Knaresborough, North Yorkshire.
1958 Exhibited his first painting at Harrogate Art Gallery.
1969 Completed his general education at Harrogate Grammar School being awarded the Scholar’s Art Prize. Spent a gap year working for JGL Poulson (Chartered Architects), Pontefract, Yorkshire.
1973 Qualified in Fine Art at Leeds and became an art teacher
1975 Appointed Head of an Art and Design Department by Leeds Department of Education. 12 December – first one man exhibition of Janus Gallery, Ilkley, Yorkshire:The complete extant work of Johannes Vermeer 1632-1675 repainted by Barrington Bramley1970-1975 to commemorate the tri-centenary of Vermeer’s death on the 12 December 1675.First picture hung at Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.
1976 Barrington Bramley’s ‘Vermeers’ exhibited at the Waag Theater, Delft, Holland.Subsequently, the entire Exhibition was purchased by Cees Koreneef who built a Vermeer Museum for the thirty five pictures.
1977 Vermeer Museum opened at Delft.One man exhibition at the Apollo Gallery, Amsterdam – Original Paintings and Drawings.One man exhibition at the Tattershall Castle Trust, The Embankment, London – Original Paintings and Drawings.
1981 – 1982 One man exhibition at Cartwright Hall, Bradford, West Yorkshire – New Life for Old Masters.
1982 One man exhibition at the Yorkshire Post Newspapers, Leeds, Yorkshire – From the Mona Lisa to the Tate Bricks – a farewell to Yorkshire Exhibition.
1983 Founded The Wessex Artists Exhibition.New Life for Old Masters shown at Salisbury Festival, Wiltshire.
1984 to date

Barrington Bramley has been undertaking commissioned work:
Via Christie’s artists copied included: Agasse (Two Leopards Playing 1989) Bunny (Ethel Coote 2002) Cuyp, Dali Delvaux (Le Miroir 1994) Van Dongen (Femme Fatale 1991) Ferneley (Captain James Ogilvy Failie 2008) Gainsborough (The Byam Family 1999) Grant (Daisy Grant 1990) Herring, Hogarth (The Edwards Hamilton Family 1987) Liss, Manet (La Rue Mosnier 1987) Monet, Mercier, Millais (Girl with a Canary 1995) Miller, Opie, Orpen (Gardenia on a Donkey 2003) Ostade, Richmond, Ruysdael, Serov (Tsar Nicholas II 1998) Seurat, Signac (Venise, La douane de Mer 2000) Sisley, Steen, Tiepolo (The Astronomer 1998) Titian (Venus and Adonis 1992) Turner, Utrillo, Van Gogh, de Vos, Vuillard, Wright of Derby (Mr and Mrs Thomas Coltman 1984, Colonel Heathcote 1985, Vesuvius from Posillipo 1990), Zoffany (The Third Duke of Atholl and his Family 1989) Zuccarelli.

Via Sotheby’s artists copied include: Batoni (James Stewart 2010, Robert Clements 1999) Bouchet, Burne-Jones (The Nativity and the King and the Shepherd 1989) Canaletto (View of Greenwich from the River 2005) Casali (William Beckford as a Boy 2005) Chalon, Corot, Devis, Dobson, 2013, Drouais, Farquharson, Ferneley (Mrs Morant’s Harriers 1996) Gainsborough (William Wollaston 2011) Gotch (Miss Edith Stapley 2009) Hamilton, Herring, Holman Hunt (A Tuscan Girl Plaiting Straw 2014), Joli (A View of Paestum 2006) Lawrence, Lely (A Portrait of Charles Dormer 2003) Liotard, Millais, Munnings, O’Conor (Bretonne 2005) Orpen (Gardenia 2001, Mrs St George 2001, Interior at Clonsilla 2001) Pasternak, Ramsay, Renoir (2013), Romney (Sir John Chetwode and his Lady 2009) Reynolds (Lady Williams-Wynn and her Children 1998, Mrs Baldwin 2004, Lady Kent 2004) Ruysch (2013), Stubbs (Young Gentleman Shooting 1998, Tygers at Play 2014) Turner (Ehren breitsein 2004) Zoffany (Henry Knight and his Children 1999)

Via Agents and Dealers in Fine Art, artists copied include: Angeli (The Goldsmith Family 1988) Annigoni, Batoni, Bonington, Burne-Jones, Carlevaris (A View from the Molo 2005-6) Canaletto, Cassat, Cotes (The Young Cricketer 1996) Coypel, Draper, van Dyck (Duc ‘d’Arenberg 1993) Elwes, Fabre, Ferneley, Francisi (Cardinal Bainbridge, 2014) Gauguin, Gainsborough (The Duke of Argyll 2003) Guardi, Gunn, Hodges, van Huysum, Holman Hunt, 2014, Ingres, Kneller (Sir Isaac Newton 1992) Lavery, Lawrence, Laszlo, Lippi, Modigliani (Nu couché (sur le côté gauche) 2005) Munnings (The Red Prince Mare 2005) Orpen, Pannini, Pissarro, Raeburn, Renoir, Reynolds (The Prince of Wales 1996, Portrait of Omai 2002) Rossetti (A Vision of Fiammetta 1993), Ruysch, 2012, Salmon, Salviati, Selous, Stubbs, Veronese, Wright of Derby, Yeats and Zoffany (William Ferguson introduced as heir to Raith 1996) making a Grand Total of 375 commissions.

Barrington Bramley with his study of Venus and Adonis after Titian. Photograph by Snowdon.